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Some of our work
  • ZipZap

    Allows anyone to accept credit card payments on their mobile phone or tablet

  • Pick n Pay

    The PnP Online Shop is one of SA's most successful online shops

  • Hollard

    A innovative solution to empower Agents to sell insurance online and offline.

  • MTN Business

    MTN Business is inviting organizations to join them on a journey to a bold new digital world.


Our Approach

Discover and plan

The first step is a discovery meeting, an opportunity to discuss your ideas and the problems you would like to solve. We'll communicate what can be expected from a software project, and the measures that we believe will lead to running a successful project. It's also nice to get to know interesting new people in the industry.

Depending on the complexity of the requirement we will host a number of requirements workshops - enough for our team to be confident about the current situation, and where our client sees the project going. Wherever possible we will follow-up on the workshops with some feedback from real users and clients.

Once we've outlined the key business objectives and their requirements, we spend time examining the value of those goals in real world contexts, by balancing your business' objectives against your audience's expectations, we can carefully craft experiences that encourage brand loyalty.

We never send out a proposal unless we're certain we have explored all the aspects of the proposed project. This limits risk on both sides, and ensures that there are no surprises.

Architect and design

Having an understanding of your goals, and the the audience for whom we are designing the solution, we can begin to develop a visual framework for your product - usually in the form of an interactive wireframe prototype.

With a prototype we can begin to quickly refine the layouts and user journeys based on real world feedback, either face to face or online. We test and refine each idea until we arrive at a solution that is easy to understand and use.

Confident that structure and functionality is sound we can confidently proceed with Visual Design, bringing the solution to life and further enhancing the user experience.

Build and test

Confident in the knowledge that we have designed a valuable solution we can begin to translate concepts into code.

Like our design process we develop using an agile methodology, iterating through the planning and documenting of product features, writing of code, testing and re-factoring in two week sprints (usually) until each feature is delivered, bug free.

Launch and grow

As soon as the product is able to add value we recommend going product to market, as with the rest of our process, we believe that the sooner we can get valuable feedback the better, what's more - having got feedback every step of the way you will feel you can go live with confidence.

Monitoring the behaviour of users on your site/app is a relatively simple, but massively valuable step to take. Because we're committed to seeing your idea succeed, we will monitor performance and usage and use that data to inform further improvements and insights into your customers on an ongoing basis.

Analysis and maintenance
Need help to track performance and manage the site? You probably have other important business stuff to take care of, so to avoid you having to worry about updating of information, tracking and site performance, we can discuss an on-going strategy that allows us to take care of your brand in the digital space.

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