Alexander Forbes

Alexander Forbes is one of South Africa's premier financial services organisations, and has been listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange since July 2014.


In an effort to continue to grow it’s brand and digital presence Alexander Forbes approached Applogix to assist with a rebuild of the Alexander Forbes website. The new experience was to target a young, smart phone wielding audience who compared the Alexander Forbes experience not to other financial institutions, but to the likes of Facebook and Twitter.

Off the back of recent successes like the Ready Set Retire blog and the launch of the Alexander Forbes Tax Free Savings Account, Applogix were up to the challenge.


Alexander Forbes has a wealth of products and services, many of which have self-service options via the existing Alexander Forbes website; the challenge was to choose a website roll-out strategy that was big enough to make a splash and create excitement around the brand, but small enough that the project could be delivered quickly to the market. It would not be possible to rebuild the entire online landscape in any reasonable amount of time.

Not only did the technical scope need to be tactical, but the approach needed to be one that could be delivered quickly, and scale to later cater for the complete vision that Alexander Forbes had for their digital channels.


Applogix worked very closely with Alexander Forbes IT and Marketing Teams, BBD and Hello Computer (who had been awarded the design of the website) to:

  • Architect the solution to be able to scale with future requirements, and leverage existing systems wherever possible.
  • Create an agile way of working that allowed multiple work streams to happen in parallel, while minimizing waste / rework.
  • Automate testing and deployment of the solution between the various environments.
  • Front-end development and integration using HTML5, CSS3, AngularJS, .Net Services and Microsoft SharePoint for content management.
  • Cross-browser and functionally test.
  • Optimise the website for SEO discoverability.



The new website experience launched to the public in May 2016, and had been well received. Visit teh site here -

Enhancement and roll-out of the new digital experience across new systems and channels continues.

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