In its quest to deliver end-to-end ICT connectivity across Africa and the Middle East, MTN Business is inviting organizations to join them on a journey to a bold new digital world.

But to sell a bold new digital world, you have to live it yourself.

For MTN Business this meant revamping their online presence in line with its broader digital strategy, and making their website work harder to generate new business leads, while driving down site maintenance and rollout costs across its operations.

MTN EBU (Enterprise Business Unit) is the premier IT and ICT provider in 23 African countries. MTN needed a cost effective way to roll-out to all it's operations a world-class web platform experience, including geo-targetting, multiple languages and content localistion - all the while providing users with an excellent user experience, and in only 90 days!

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In order to meet the very tight deadlines we set up a multi-disciplinary team and employed a Lean UX, and agile development approach between ourselves and Aqua.

In terms of user experience, Applogix and Aqua applied the guiding UX principles that will now underpin all of MTN’s digital properties…

  • Social
  • Localized
  • Engaged
  • Personalized
  • Frictionless

We also adopted an iterative approach of deploying, testing and improving the site as quickly as possible. In this way we have managed to get feedback early in the process, tweak content and then expand a mature product into 22 markets, all in under 9 months.

System Design and Architecture

The platform was developed on Microsoft SharePoint, which allowed us to create centrally managed page templates and content, as well as a localisation engine which is used to make the site templates and product content available in three languages - across the global site and each of the 22 operating countries.

We have employed Marketo for the capture and distribution of leads on the platform - allowing us to rapidly get users in touch with the right sales office, and to use the information captured to later re-target these users for an improved experience.


We have deployed an always-on optimisation approach, meeting with MTN stakeholders to present and review analytical insights, design experiments and prioritise the backlog of the roadmap.

Doign so on an ongoing basis we have resolved issues which would otherwise not have been identified.


Within the first month of launching the new website online enquiries had increased by a staggering 70%, investment and improvements on the platform are ongoing, so watch this space.

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