Pick n Pay Online Shopping

We were delighted to accept when Aqua Online, a long standing partner of ours, invited us to join their team to deliver the new Pick n Pay online shop.

We had previous experience working on complex Java based integration projects with Aqua, so we could confidently pursue the SAP CRM Web Shop based project together with Aqua, HCL Axon and PnP’s internal development teams.


Pick n Pay was one of the first big South African retailers to take the leap to online shopping. It was a brave move in a market where there were reservations about whether or not the South African public were trusting enough yet to begin to move their shopping online, especially grocery shopping – a time sensitive necessity.


The technology landscape at PnP is a highly complex one, and much of the large-scale ERP implementation (SAP CRM Web Shop) necessary to make the new shopping experience possible was happening in parallel with the Shop platform implementation – which required very close collaboration between multiple tech partners.

The site needed to be plugged into stock levels, pricing and logistics at an individual store level, and into loyalty points, payment gateways and marketing at a national level.


Applogix Architects, Front-end and Java Developers joined the project in the early stages collaborating with PnP IT, 3rd party vendors and then Digital Agency Aqua to:

  1. Understand the SAP Web Shop technology stack, and possibilities
  2. Guide creative and usability teams on what was possible within the platform
  3. Participate in architecture sessions to design a system that would scale with user demand and provide an acceptable user experience
  4. Developed the front-end components of the website
  5. Implemented JSP pages and standards to leverage SAP and 3rd party functionality.
  6. Implement eCommerce Tracking using Google Analytics
  7. Conduct functional and cross-browser testing

In order to work closer with the core delivery team, based in Cape Town, Applogix rented an apartment and our teams co-located in the Pick n Pay Kenilworth offices for 6 months.



While a project of this scale is never without it’s surprises, the project was considered a success and the store’s performance saw a radical (confidential) improvement in performance post the launch of the new experience.

The store continues to be one of South Africa’s most popular online retailers.

Why not go look for yourself - the PnP online shopping website is a huge success: http://www.pnp.co.za/shop

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