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Zipzap is the safest way to accept credit card payment on a mobile phone! Vendors are also able to sell pre-paid airtime and electricity vouchers directly within the app.

ZIPZAP is a mobile application developed specifically to give smart phones the ability to perform credit card payments. This is done in conjunction with a “reader” device which can be linked to almost any Android, Iphone or blackberry smartphone using bluetooth. Data is captured on the reader and is encrypted using the latest payments technology.

System Design and Architecture

After our initial meetings with Paycorp holdings we knew that this was going to be an exciting project and a challenging one at that. In an industry as highly regulated as the financial sector there were a number of standards to which our solution needed to adhere around the encryption, transfer and storage of data (PCI, etc.). At the same time we needed to architect the solution such that we could modularise and reuse as much as possible (The solution was targeting iOS, Android and Blackberry). In order to achieve this level of control and reuse we agreed with the Paycorp team to leverage Xamarin as our development framework - which would allow us to build integration and business logic modules in .Net and then have them compiled into Portable Class Libraries which could be used by the iOS, Android and Blackberry(OS10) native apps.


Not only did we have to build a great app to be used across multiple smart phones but also needed to make use of existing payment switching infrastructure which already existed, and centralised the processing of sensitive data. A Service Oriented Architecture, coupled with the Portable Class Libraries meant that we were able to efficiently implement a secure ladnscape for payment processing.

Wireframes and Prototyping

By building wireframes and clickable prototypes for each native app experience we allowed both Paycorp and ourselves to interact with the Apps before they were even built. This experimentation and rapid iteration allowed us to quickly come up with the best product possible before writing a single line of code. Not only did this approach result in a great product and user experience, the early involvement and opportunity to tweak and provide feedback was great for team morale.

Interaction Design

The design was a crucial element of the application as we knew the design needed to work on multiple devices across multiple platforms. Not only did this mean that we needed to understand these platforms really well, but design the app in such a way that it would lend itself well to being easily transformed for the different environments.

Mobile Design

We agreed with Paycorp to use Xamarin cross-platform mobile framework. This allowed us to quickly develop a single application which could be used natively across multiple smartphones with very little platform specific development. By using the Xamarin we were able to, relatively easily, use native functionality such as bluetooth which was critical to ensuring the smartphone could connect with the 3rd party device which would facilitate the transaction and ultimately make the app a success.


The ZipZap app is accessible and is being widely used in South Africa, including being white-labelled and rebranded by a number of financial institutions because of it's stability. There is a bright future for ZipZap ahead as its seen as one of the leading mobile payment platforms and because of the high demand of mobile transactions in South Africa and indeed Africa we believe ZipZap is going to go on to be enormously successful. More information can be found at

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